Outdoor Locations

100+ BackLot / Locations includes

Ready to use sets and open grounds to create sets as per Productions requirments

Over 42 back-lots to stage outdoors scenes, and ready-to-use/life-size sets including but not limited to Temple, Church, Police Station, Ghats, Lakes, etc. From snow-clad Shimla to the desert-dunes, to rolling-hills, to lakefront and everything in between, if it can be envisioned, Film City can make it happen.

Note : "Filmcity - Play Ground, Staff Quarter Rd & Jt. M.D. Bungalow" in this location Jt. M.D. bungalow is not available for shoot.

Today's location availability status

Locations Booked From Date To Date
Appu Pappu Maidan No. 1 01-Sep-2023 31-Aug-2024
Appu Pappu Maidan No. 2-A 04-Mar-2024 09-Jan-2025
Appu Pappu Maidan No. 2-B 04-Mar-2024 09-Jan-2025
Appu Pappu Maidan No. 3 02-Feb-2024 31-Jan-2025
Bapu Nagar 11-Aug-2023 14-Jun-2024
Bapu Nagar To Helipad Rd & Hill View 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
Basket Ball Maidan 03-Oct-2023 30-Sep-2024
Farishte Maidan 11-Mar-2024 14-Feb-2025
Flag Pole Road with Dome Pillar Corridor & Wooden Rest House 26-May-2024 31-May-2024
Joker Maidan 10-Apr-2024 28-May-2024
Josh Maidan 1 20-Mar-2024 10-Jun-2024
Josh Maidan 2 20-Mar-2024 10-Jun-2024
Kaliya Maidan No. 1 01-May-2024 30-Apr-2025
Kaliya Maidan No. 2 16-Feb-2024 09-Feb-2025
Kaliya Maidan No. 3 03-Aug-2023 02-Aug-2024
Kaliya Maidan Stage 19-Aug-2023 18-Aug-2024
Khandala Ghat 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
LAKE ROAD 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
Lake Up 09-Apr-2024 31-Mar-2025
Link Road 1-A 01-Feb-2024 31-Jan-2025
Link Road 1-B 06-Nov-2023 10-Oct-2024
Link Road 2 25-Jan-2024 26-Sep-2024
Mrutunjay Maidan 17-Jun-2023 09-Jun-2024
Mukti Bandhan Maidan 01-Jan-2024 31-Dec-2024
Near Gautam Nagar 01-May-2024 30-Apr-2025
Open Space behind Studio No.3 & 4. 18-Dec-2023 17-Dec-2024
Opp. Bapu Nagar 17-May-2024 15-May-2025
Opp. Police Station 01-Jun-2023 31-May-2024
Opp. Reliance Media 1 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
Opp. Whisting Wood Maidan Rd. 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
Play Ground, Staff Quarter Rd & Jt. M.D. Bungalow 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
Res & Lake View Garden 26-May-2024 26-May-2024
Saltanant Valley 01-Dec-2023 30-Nov-2024
Samrat Maidan 05-Apr-2024 30-Jun-2024
Shiv Maidan 01-Mar-2024 28-Feb-2025
Temple / Temple Maidan 23-May-2024 26-May-2024
VIGHNAHARTA MAIDAN 01-Jan-2024 31-Dec-2024
Wada Village 15-Jun-2023 14-Jun-2024
Whisting Wood Maidan 1 01-Feb-2024 31-Jan-2025
Whistling Wood Maidan 2 03-Oct-2023 30-Sep-2024
Whistling Wood Maidan 3 01-Apr-2024 31-Mar-2025

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