There are 16 studios of various sizes to suit the needs of films, TV serials, and Ad. films in Film city
- FILMCITY have one of the largest indoor shooting facilities in India.
- Everything that you ever wanted for indoor shooting is there in place for you. Hi-Tech Studios with down-to-earth facilities.
- Over 100,000 sq. ft.(appx.) of studio space.
- There are 16 AC and Noc-AC studios in all….in dimensions varying from 50 ft. in length, 40 ft. to 260 ft. in width and 25ft. to 75 ft. in height, encouraging you to create your own magnaopus

Over 85 make-up rooms, overnight rooms, dressing rooms are also attached to most of the location and shooting floors

There is a multi-faceted studio, which is one of the largest in India having unique design features. It presents different elevation facades on three sides that can be used to depict a Jail, Court-Room, Police Station, Church, Chawl etc.