FILMCITY, Mumbai. Where the stars sparkle, even during the day. Where the sun may set, but the lights never go off. A world that lets you put your imagination to the test. And then enables you to shoot out your thoughts.

FILMCITY, Mumbai. Amongst the largest of studios in the glamorous tinsel town of the Indian film industry. It's five hundred acres of pure action. That unveils more than a hundred films within the year. Myth or mystique. Fact or fiction. Dance or drama. You can pick any combination and just let the camera roll...after all, our eighteen well-furnished studios are so equipped to lend their dimensions to your realm of reality. From Burning Train to Devdas or Chanakya to Kaun Banega Crorepati there are reels of evidence to support the diversity to be found. Multi-talented. Multi-faceted. Multi-situational. All within the environs of the enchanting Powai and Vihar lakes.

FILMCITY, Mumbai. with Over 40 picturesque locales that have created a niche for the Indian talent, worldwide. Renowned for its intricate plots and mysterious schemes, weeping tragedies and side splitting comedies as well as its plain yet highly entertaining productions, this versatile address has played a part in practically every production, with appearances on the small and big screen.

FILMCITY, Mumbai. Namaste.